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The commission scheme of Betmais Affiliates is very competitive and is set for each affiliate individually .


Affiliate Net Revenue  

The following costs will be deducted from the Gaming Revenue: player bonuses, chargebacks, taxes, fees and administration. Costs are calculated depending upon recruited player's origin.  

No negative carry over  

Betmais Affiliates tries to offer not only a competitive commission percentage but also holds a no negative carry over policy. This means that if you find yourself with a negative number at the end of the month it will not be brought forward to the next month and will be completely written off. Every month you start from scratch.

Taxes and Other Charges

The commission shall be deemed to be inclusive of value added tax or any other tax if applicable. All taxes due in connection with any payments to the Affiliate are his sole liability.


All transactions are calculated and carried out in Euros.

Commission is calculated according to the system records and has to be accepted by the affiliate before payment.

Payments are processed until the 10th of each month.

The minimum payment amount is € 250,- when this minimum amount is not reached it will be added to the next months commission payment.